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Hello Food Truck Owners…!

Here is an app for food truck owners as well as food lovers, available in iOS and Android, where customers can not only see where the truck is, but also seamlessly order and pay on the app and truck owners promptly receive money and the order. The app is a revenue sharing app.

So basically this application tends to make it easy for both (Truck owners and the customers) to have a platform where they can find the best deals . This is an app designed and developed with an envision to cater food at finger touch. Using this application the truck owners can introduce themselves to the users and sell their special food as well. Customer here, would be able to find their favorite food at their finger touch and in low cost as well. The app has GPS feature to search location, and ease of setting up menu. The truck owner has to register with Paypal to receive money. This app is absolutely Free for the user and the Truck Owners.

Easy to order

  • Customer can login with Facebook.
  • Search nearby food truck with inbuilt GPS
  • Select fav truck
  • View list of dishes available
  • Order his favorite dish
  • Make payment using Paypal
  • Get confirmation notification with unique Token no

Simple to use and manage

  • Only one time registration
  • Facebook login
  • Easy profile creation
  • Upload photos
  • Simple to edit Menu
  • Easy to make change in settings
  • Easy PayPal account details setup

Set offers for the day

Truck owner would be able to generate offers for the day for their customers. In this way their followers and customer’s who have marked this truck as favorites will get notifications about these offers and other would be able to view these at the truck profile page. Customer can thereby view deals for the day and can select one and place order.

View reports and statistics

  • Total Registered Truck in the Application
  • Total Customers using the Application
  • Truck owners can view orders received in last 2 hours
  • And revenue generated in last 2 hours
  • Customers can view Orders placed in last 24 hours
  •  No. of Dishes Available with a particular Food truck

Location update

Truck owner would be able to update truck’s location for the time and would be updating staying Time Duration for that particular place as well. If the truck is moving, like if the truck owner has completed the time duration according to last update, say last update was, truck will be at “A” location for 3 hours, so when these 3 hours will get passed, the customers won’t be able to see this truck in truck list or won’t be able to place order for this truck until the truck owner updates its next location.

Other Features

  • Notifications and alerts
  • Search by truck name, food item name and by proximity
  • View list of favorites Truck and Menu Items
  • Customer can provide feedback on truck’s page
  • Social media sharing
  • Map view of food truck location

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