1. After registering myself as a truck owner, how can I manage this application?

On registering yourself as a truck owner, you will be able to see the list of all registered   trucks in the app and the list of all customers using this app. Food truck owner can check all    the statistics related to customers, other food trucks as well as revenue generated. A food truck owner can visit his/her dashboard page contains information like order number, items, quantity, total bill, delivery time and location. Truck owners can set the current location of the food truck. Truck owners can add or edit menu and edit the information  about coat, item name, description, image etc. Food Truck owners can generate offer for the  day as well. Food truck owners also can change the setting like screen preferences, loyalty program setting, Paypal setting, terms and condition and so on.

2. How can I order food using Food Truck App?

On the dashboard you will find the list of all the registered food trucks with details say name of the food truck, image, speciality and current location. To order food, you can choose a food truck from the list and choosing your favorite food item from the menu, you have to click ‘Buy Now’ button. You will be redirected to log in page. If you already signed up, then just log in and you will be redirected to the payment page. After completing the payment process, you can place the order successfully.

3. What payment options are available?

Customers can pay for their order through Paypal only. If you have a Paypal account then, it is easy for you to order and pay.

4. How can I find the food truck?

There are four options are available to find the food truck:

  • Find by food truck name
  • Find by menu items
  • Find by proximity
  • Find by map

You can choose any options from the above to search/find the food truck.

5. What I do, if my order is cancelled/rejected?

If your order cancelled or rejected three times continuously then, you will get 3% discount or get an extra meal when you will order at the fourth time. You will get refund amount as well.

6. As a truck owner how can I add/remove the items from the menu?

Truck owners can edit or update items in menu list. To update or edit the menu, you need to have details about the item, for example, item name, cost, packages, description and image.

7. How can I collect my order?

By completing the order and payment process, customers will get a system generated confirmation code. By showing the confirmation code to food truck owner customers can collect their order.

8. How can I find 'Deal for the Day' by any food truck?

You can visit the page ‘Deals for the Day’, here you will get the list of all the deals offered by food truck owners. You can choose the best deal from the list.

9. How can I avail the discount, as a customer?

You can save money and get discount on any order under Loyalty Programs. There are following way to get discounts and save money.

Earning Points: You can get loyalty points on order and can redeem on further orders.

Discounts: If your total order payment is more than US $200 then you will get 2-5% discount.

Shoppers Club: If the group of users purchase items and the total order amount is more than US $1000 then customers can get several benefits, including 5% discount on every order.

Offers on Mobile/FB Game Basis: Food truck owner can align their offer with any game like Candy Crush or Angry Bird or other. For example, if a user completes 6 levels of Candy Crush then, he/she will get 2% discount on any order.

Apart from this there are lots of ways to get discounts and get benefits.

10. How CDN can get the benefit from Food Truck app?

CDN will deduct a particular percentage of amount per order basis. For example, if the order value is more than US $10 then, CDN will deduct 10% of the order value. CDN is able to modify the percentage of deduction from the total order value.